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Size 75 gallon
Date Started Jan 2008
Lighting 4 T8 bulbs 5000k and 6500k with tcp ballasts 1 low output 1 High output
Equipment Eheim 2213 and Eheim 2217 Jager 200w heater
Substrate Flouromax and natural gravel
Parameters Kh 6 ph 7.2
Plants rotala indica, crypt wendti green, crypt wendti red, crypt spiralis, java fern, anubias coffeefolia, amazon sword, green lloydelia, and some type of hygro?
Inhabitants 3 Pearl gouramis, 1 marble kissing gourami, 4 sunburst wag platies, 5 rummy nose tetras, 2 leopard danios, 2 botia kubotai, 1 horse face loach, 4 siamese algae eaters, 3 otos, 3 small marble angels
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