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Size 55 gal
Date Started 12/15
Lighting Catalina 48" 4x54 T5 and I may add LED moonlights
Equipment 2 x Eheim 2213 HOT Magnum with SeaChem Matrix.
CO2 Pressurized System Milwaukee MA957 CO2 Regulator, 5lb tank, Glass Diffuser from GLA.
Substrate's Freshwater Planted Aquarium Substrate
Parameters pH runs between 6.2 & 7
Fertilization PPS-Pro dosing 5ml daily
Plants Various Crpyts, A.Swords, Moneywort, Clover, Dwarf Baby Tears, Java Fren, Tiger Lotus, chain swords, Ludwigia repens, marimo balls and some Anubs.
Inhabitants Fancy Guppies & fry, Ottos, Cory's, RCS & typical plant snails in their ever expanding quantities.
Comments Pretty much everything is finished as far as set up goes. Lights run 1 bank for 8 hours & the second bank bursts for 2 1/2 hours mid day. CO2 is pretty much cranked, keeping the DC nice & bright green. Im also running light aeration at night.
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Nice tank. Good healthy variety. Like the scape.
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