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User shawn_c
Size 125 Gallon
Date Started 18 August 2013
Lighting T5 Fluorescents 2 x 10K 39 Watt Coralife Daylight Bulbs 2 x 5K 39 Watt Med Flora Sun Plant Bulbs
Equipment FX5 Filter
CO2 10Lbs CO2 regulated at 3-4 BPM.
Substrate Top: CaribSea® FloraMax™ Substrate Middle: Miracle Grow Organic Soil Bottom: Sand
Fertilization What ever is in the Substrate
Plants Various Petsmart Plants
Inhabitants 1 Angel Fish 1 Rubber-lipped Plecostomus 3 Tiger Barbs 5 Clown Loaches 1 Silver Dollar 1 Blue Grommie 2 Small Catfish
Comments I've had the tank for a while. It was over run with pond snails. Decided to knock down the population by removing about 90% of sand substrate that I had and left the rest. Bought the clown loaches to control the remaining population and decided to go with a planted tank. As you can see from pic, I have a tiger barb that thinks its a clown loach.
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