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User Mattco26
Size 55 Gallon
Date Started 11/19/08
Lighting 1.43 WPG $15 stainless steel shop light with 2x 32watt phillips T8 6500k bulbs, $6 for the pair at HD. Old hood from my 20g, 15watt 6500K.
Equipment Magnum 350, Powersweep powerhead with sponge. Sponge filter run by air pump.
CO2 None
Substrate Play sand from home depot.
Parameters Good question.
Fertilization Flourish after weekly 20% water change.
Plants Java fern, Cryptocoryne wendtii, Anubias nana, Eichhornia diversifolia, watersprite, duckweed, and 2 other plants I need to ID.
Inhabitants 1 SAE, 1 bushy nose pleco, 2 green emerald corys, 2 Albertini corys, random guppies and swordtails.
Comments I run polyester batting in the filter, thats it, no carbon or anything else. I change it once a week with the water change.
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