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User brion0
Size 29 g
Date Started 6-12-08
Lighting Custom diy fixture, 2.3 wpg. 2 zoo medic 5200 k, 2 life glow 6700 k.
Equipment DIY canister, In tank heater.
CO2 Diy 1 64 OZ. juice bottles, misted into tank.
Substrate flourite and gravel
Parameters Ph is around 7
Fertilization Excel, flourish, flourish nitogen, Looking into dry ferts.
Plants Anubias nana, chain sword, java fern, red ludwigia, wisteria, H.M., bocopa caroliniana, ozelot sword, bronze crypt ,creeping jenny, green temple, & a banana plant.
Inhabitants 8 von rio flame tetras,1 bolivian ram,,3 ottos,4 leapord corys.
Comments I keep working on this tank, its getting better. Updated 1/30/09.
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