MARIMOBALL ADA 120 P aprox 65 gal - Your Tanks
Size ADA 120 P aprox 65 gal
Date Started 7/08
Lighting 150watt metal halide x2 with 8000k bulbs
Equipment Eheim filter with hydor 300watt inline heater inflow and outflow ADA lily pipes, ADA garden mat. rena air pump for night time airation
CO2 pressurized millwuakee regulator with 5 lbs aluminum tank hydor co2 diffuser
Substrate 7x 9 liter bags of ADA aquasoil Amazonia 1 regular
Parameters PH 6.5 NH3 0 NH4 0 temp 76F
Fertilization ADA Brighty K ADA step 1
Plants glossostigma, E. Tenellus micro, E. acicularis, maeselia minutia
Inhabitants caridina japonica (Amano shrimp)x10 otocinclus vittatus (oto) x7 parcheirodon simulans green neon tetra x65
Comments ADA 120p rimless Iwagumi scape 140 lbs of seriyu stone for hardscape. custom made ADA stand. 50% weekly water changes
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