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User kimhigg
Size 105
Date Started 6/20/13
Lighting 2x: Wave point sun wave 2x: super blue wave All 4 bulbs are 54w 45 inch
Equipment Doing my best here (I will update my lingo as I learn!) Durso pipe; Eshopps 125 W/D sump with bioballs; Magdrive 950 return pump
CO2 Waterplant system with refillable CO2 tank. Bubble counter and diffuser into the sump. I'm sure I need to make this info more specific as well.
Substrate Eco Complete Red and Brightwell Rio Cafe. Driftwood and a few larger rocks
Parameters Cycled
Fertilization I've been using the Aquavitro which my LFS gave me at setup. Synthesis (N), Activate (P), and Propel (Fe). I have backed off since I have a giant green water bloom.
Plants Anubias, Java Fern, Dwarf Baby Tears, Melon Swords, Jungle Val
Inhabitants 8 Serpae Tetras, 5 Sterbai Cories, 12 Harlequin Rasboras, 6 otos, a few amano shrimp (some may be in the bioballs because they went over the wall!), and 1 Pleco (was supposed to be bristlenose but starting to wonder if he's a common pleco or similar). Planning to add German Blue Rams and either Cardinals or Rummynose tetras soon.
Comments I used the LFS to set up a tank. I was overwhelmed by the options. I have now learned enough to set it up myself and wishing I'd saved the money because I think there are things I'd do differently!
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