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User livebearerlove
Size 6 Gal, 23L
Date Started June 2013
Lighting Fluval Edge lighting system. Light runs on high about 8 hours a day. Indirect smog sunlight from dawn till dusk.
Substrate Chinese equivalent of Eco complete I can imagine. Granular soil.
Plants (Goldfish Market doesnt speak english in HK, but I think this is about it) Far left in back (can barely see it because it has not grown tall enough yet is Aponogeton ulvaceus In front of it, growing on top of the rock is petit Nano Center in front with small white flowers, Eriocaulon sp. E. Cinereum On the right, the giant fluffy one is Syngonanthus S. anomalus And two different kinds of moss on the 'tree' Peacock moss and mini xmas moss Babies Tears- not doing well :( but I had the light too low I think.
Inhabitants 3 Endlers Livebearers- mutants with long tails. 3 Cherry Shrimp, 1 Albino Pleco, and 2 female baby Celestial Pearl Danio.
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