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User zzyzx85
Size 20 gallon (high)
Date Started November 2007
Lighting 2x Coralife T5 Aqualight Double Lamp fixtures (2x14W each fixture, 4x14W total, 2.8wpg), 1x6700K, 1x10000K, 2xColorMax
Equipment Fluval 205, 200W Visi-Therm Stealth, Rio 50 CO2 diffuser
CO2 ~4 liters of DIY CO2 (EC-1118 wine/champagne yeast), DIY bubble counter/gas separator, Rio 50 diffuser
Substrate Red Sea Flora Base/Flourite mix
Parameters 75 deg F
Fertilization sorta EI
Plants salvinia minima, duckweed, riccia, willow leaf hygro, hygro "bold", hygro "tiger", giant hygro, green hygro, hygro "sunset", rotala sp. "green", java fern, java fern "windelov", java moss, christmas moss, fire moss?, pennywort, HM, e. tenellus, ludwigia repens
Inhabitants 2 balloon red-eye tetras, 7 black neon tetras, 10 ember tetras, 6 otos, 4 peppered corys, 2 c. trilineatus, RCS, assassin and MTS snails
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I like the tank, you did a good job on it. Do you have any problems with the duckweed in your tank?
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Awsome job
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I love it! I'm struggling with my 20g high. It's just.... so tall....
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