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User glowing_volcanoo
Size 6 gallon
Date Started 2-11-2008
Lighting 11watt phillips PL
Equipment 300lph HOB
CO2 no
Substrate sand gravel topped with white decoration sand.
Parameters PH 6.5-7
Fertilization macro ferts.
Plants java moss, taiwan moss, anubias petite, java fern, dwarf hairgrass.
Inhabitants 2 oto, 6 cherry shrimp, 5 neon tetra and 5 cardinal tetra.
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Mark F.
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I can't believe I never saw this posting before - very nice!
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This is the best small tank I've seen so far on this site. It really is excellent! The choice of a blue rim in the tank is inspired - it contributes to the composition as a whole. And the composition is very sculptural and dynamically balanced, with the contrasting textures of sand, moss, anubias, fern, and grass complementing it very nicely. It's hard to really see, but the fish appear to be a really nice accent to the composition as a whole, especially the neons and cardinals, which echo the blue stripe on the rim of the tank. GOOD JOB!
Planted Member
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So stunning with such low-tech plants (maybe except the hairgrass) but nonetheless this is gorgeous!
Planted Tank Obsessed
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nice simple with easy but stunning plants easy to keep imo..perfect 5*
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Amazing little tank! Well done.
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