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User Harca
Size 6' x 2' x 2 1/2' 175 gallon
Date Started 18th November 2008
Lighting Aquaone MG1500 with 3 x Giesemann 5600K metal halides, 4 x 24w compact fluoros and 2 x 18w compact fluoros. Set up on 2 timers one for halides at 5 hours/ day and one for fluoros at 10hours/day.
Equipment 2 x Eheim 2078 Pro 3e. Dupla T-Alpha temperature controller with thermset 1000 (250w) substrate heater as primary and 300w glass tube heater as secondary. Eheim 1250 circuit pump for CO2 circuit.
CO2 Dupla Alpha with S reactor.
Substrate "Bali" Sand to 4" deep.
Parameters Ph 6.8 Kh 3 Gh 9 Temp 82F
Fertilization Dupla G Dupla 24
Plants Aponogeton Crispus Red & Green Anubias Barteri, nana 'Petite', afzelii Blyxa (tall) Crytocoryne Balansae, Walkeri, Wendtii, Willisii Echinodorus Barthii, Cordifolius, Bleheri 'Azurea', 'Red Flame', 'Rubin Narrow Leaf', Hygrophylia corymbosa, polysperma 'Rosa Nervis' Ludwigia inclinata Red Tiger Lotus Java moss Riccia Marsilea drummondi
Inhabitants Discus, Lemon Tetra, Emperor Tetra, Otocinclus, Siamensis, Cory Punctatus, Cory Julii, Cory Aeneus, Bristlenose catfish standard & pepermint
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Good on ya mate!!
Algae Grower
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Great looking tank!! The background, is it a backing or you made it? What is "Bali" sand?
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