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User simonbrown403
Size 14gall
Date Started 13th october 2005
Lighting 1 * 15watt and 1 * 18watt tube total 33watts = 2.3wpg.
Equipment Ehimes Aquaball filter, and 50watt heater
CO2 homemade presurized system with a JBL sprial diffuser.
Substrate 6kg silver sand
Parameters temp 25'C, PH 6.6, KH 3.5', GH 6', NOŁ 10ppm, PO4 1ppm,
Fertilization EI method NKP, NO3 3ppm, PO0.5ppm, potassium tip of a tsp 4 times a week, trace mix 5ml 3 times a week.
Plants Vallisneria spiralis ''Tiger'', Cryptocoryne (unknown), Vesicularia dubyana, Anubias barteri var. nana, Microsorum pteropus ' (java fern), dwafh hairgrass.
Inhabitants 1 pair of kill fish, 1 peppered cory, 1 bronze cory, 1 bulldog plec.
Comments still alot to do to get it where i want, so li keep updating. Please feel free to comment.
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nice setup, its very natural
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