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Size 65 Gallon
Date Started October 6th
Lighting 3X36inch Flourescents...2.53 WPG
Equipment HOT Magnum 250 and Magnum 350 Pro + Whisper filled with Purigen always--- one I use Carbon and Flossing in the two Magnum filters, and Seachem Purigen in the small HOB filter
CO2 Excell and Occasional Jungle Labs C02 Fizz about every other day.
Substrate Flourite with Seachem undergravel Ferts every 5 square inches.
Fertilization Undergravel Seachem Flourish tab Fertz. 1 Cap Excell every other day. Seachem Iron, Potasium, and Trace Fertz as needed.
Plants Rotala Ludwigia Hygrophila Balsamica Hygro Compacta Ranalism Rostrata Ludwigia Repens Vallisneria Americana Brazilian Pennywort Pistia Stratiotes Echinodorus Bleheri Microsorium Pteropus Sagittaria Subulata Lilaeopsis Novae-Zelandiae Nymphaea Zenkeri (Red Tiger Lotus) Anubias Barteri Hemianthus Micranthemoides Cabomba Green
Inhabitants 2 Angel Blk & Slvr. 4 Blue Rams 2 of which are females. 5 Ottos. 10 Bloodfin Tetra's.
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Mark F.
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I used to use those Jungle Labs CO2 fizz tabs as well, albeit on a much smaller tank (fifteen gallons) - within a month, I ended up with vals that unfurled to over three feet long, and a dense forest of Heteranthera that needed to be pruned every third day! Those tabs are definitely an easy solution to supplying CO2, but I'd imagine they'd get a bit expensive to use on a tank that size; with tanks over 40 gallons, I'd imagine that going high-tech, or investing the time to build and operate a DIY system from a plastic liter bottle, is probably going to be cheaper in the long run. I'm looking forward to your posting more recent pics of this tank!
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