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User simonbrown403
Size 22 gall
Date Started 9th october 2006
Lighting 72watts over tank luminar 11000k
Equipment 3338 atuman external filter, 150watt heater,JBL 120 basic UG heater cable,
CO2 JBl pressurized with 3.5kg bottle, fed into external filter
Substrate 6.5kg tetra complete, 15kg black quarts, 2kg seachem laterite
Parameters PH 6.8, KH 7.5', GH 11',NO3 20ppm. PO4 2ppm, CO2 30/35ppm
Fertilization EI method NKP 5ppm NO3, 1ppm PO4 and 2.5ml measure of potassium 4 times a week, 10ml aqua essencails trace mix 3 times a week and 2.5ml measure of iron once a fortnight.
Plants Echinodorus angustifolius and tenellus , Microsorum pteropus ''Narrow'' (java fern),Vesicularia dubyana (java moss), Echinodorus bleheri, Bacopa monnieri, hygrophili polysperma, Eusteralis stellata, Rotala sp. Nanjenshan and one plant un named possable of the Echinodorus (the lilly type plant to the left).
Inhabitants rummynose tetras and various plats.
Comments Sorry about the bad pic, i will update when i get a better one :-) Plz leave feedback i'd love to know your thoughts good or bad. Thanks Simon..........(edit and new pic 30th april 2006)
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I like the asymmetrical layout. It will be interesting when it grows in too.
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