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User PapaBear
Size 200 gallons (96" x 24" x 20")
Date Started June 2013
Lighting DIY - 168 Cree XT-E Cool whites, with dimmable drivers and LED controller by Solar Lux; 2 Meanwell power supplies, 350W each
Equipment - 2 x Eheim Professional II 2028 - TM101 Bubble Magus Dosing pump with TM 102 extension - 3-way timer (solenoid, fans, UV lamp) - Coralife 18W UV - DIY Aquarium fans (4 fans x 2)
CO2 1- 15lb CO2 with solenoid and 4-way splitter and needle nose valves
Substrate Local black sand + ADA Amazonia II
Parameters Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 10 ppm
Fertilization Liquid carbon - 40ml daily Macro ferts - 10 ml daily (for now) Micro Ferts - 10ml daily (for now)
Plants Anubias nana "Petite" Urticularia graminifolia Hygropila pinatifida Pogostomon helferi "downoi" Cyrptocorene parva H. balsamica H. corymbosa angiostifolia L. Aromatica L. Arcuata
Inhabitants None yet (Otos in a couple of weeks + Assassin Snails)
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Algae Grower
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I definitely see a good start here
Algae Grower
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I think I like your style, Sir! Can't wait to follow along. Are you keeping a tank journal?
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