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User Maxall
Size 5.3 gallons.
Date Started Oct 2008
Lighting TBC (to be changed!)
Equipment Under-gravel filter, but with a brand name like "Jeebo" I didn't think it was worth mentioning.
CO2 None.
Substrate Black fine gravel.
Fertilization Flourish, once weekly.
Plants 1 x Red Amazon Sword 1 x Java Fern 1 x Pogostemon Stellata
Inhabitants 2 x Blue Rams (mated pair) 4 x Cherry Barbs Soon to add 2 Corydoras and 4 Checkered Barbs.
Comments I'm still not quite happy with this tank, I wanted to try a more rocky scape than my larger tank but turned out like this. I love it, but after having seen what is around this forum, I think it looks a little amateurish. Maybe I'll try again someday.
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hmmmm - I do kind of like this and I bet that the fish that you have do.
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