Outlander 37 gallon Tall - Your Tanks
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User Outlander
Size 37 gallon Tall
Date Started n/a
Lighting 3.51 watts per gallon Compact flourescent 2 65 watt 6700k bulbs with moonlights
Equipment Aquaclear 70 filtration hydor 200watt stealth heater
CO2 DIY co2 with spiral III difuser
Substrate Eco-complete
Parameters 0 nitrite, 10ppm nitrates, ph 6.8
Fertilization not using any currently
Plants Jungle val, cambaba, Java swords, various crypts, some anubias, red rubin sword, and a spotted sword
Inhabitants 2 Male long finned German Blue Rams 2 female German Blue Rams 3 Angelfish (small) 2 balloon mollies, 1 black kuhli loach 2 striped kuhli loach 3 pygmy cories 2 albino corys 2 otos 8 harlequin rasboras 2 female dwarf gourami's 1 male gourami 1 red tailed black shark, 10 cardinal tetras, and 4 ivory mystery snails.
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