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User Dianne
Size 30X
Date Started not yet
Lighting I'm thinking of Current Orbit w/Sunpac bulb and Lunar light. Any ideas or suggestions?
Equipment Hagen Aquaclear power filter, visi-therm heater
CO2 Possibly Red Sea Turbo CO2 Bio-system???
Substrate 1-2mm gravel over plant substrate(still researching those)
Parameters none
Fertilization none
Plants probably anubias nana petite, dwarf hairgrass, flame moss, cabomba, crinum calamistratum, hydrocotyle leucocephala
Inhabitants Definitlely want platies and adolfoi corys; thinking about red cherry shrimp and black skirt and white skirt tetras
Comments returning to the hobby after a 10 year break.....can't wait to get started on my next underwater creation( a Christmas present from my husband!)
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