prolude006 75g - Your Tanks
User prolude006
Size 75g
Date Started 10/25/08
Lighting Coralife PC 4 x 65w 6700k/10000k
Equipment Rena xp3 canister 300w Stainless steel heater w/external thermostat control
CO2 none would like to add/coming here for help on deciding what to get!!
Substrate Flourite original
Parameters ph 7 TDS 200ppm High iron well water
Fertilization Seachem flourish, excel
Plants Java fern, needle leaf java fern, petite anubias, crypt brown, dwarf baby tears, apongenton, micro sword, tiger val, java moss, rotala indica...couple others.
Inhabitants 5 Discus Hans Discus, 6 amano shrimp, one oto cat.
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Mark F.
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Very elegant "island" type landscape.
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