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User wug
Size 65 gallon tall
Date Started approx 04/07
Lighting nova extreme t5 only use 2 39 watt bulbs one 10k, one 6.7k, 10 hrs per day
Equipment eheim ecco 2234, 1 basket eheim pro substrat, 1 basket poly fill, eheim pinched outlet, 30 series powerhead
CO2 DIY yeast mixed changed every 3-4 weeks
Substrate schultz aquasoil, pea gravel, and florite
Parameters 6.2-6.7 ph, 72 degrees changes w. season,
Fertilization csm+b weekly, root tabs, 25-35 % water change every 3-4 weeks
Plants e tenellus,smaller val ?, spiral vals, red cabomba?,red lily,java fern, anubias barteri, anubias nana, crypet wendtii brown
Inhabitants 6 tiger barbs, 4 SAE, 3 otto cats, 3? nerite nails,1 sailfin/Gibby pleco, 1 blue gourami,1 betta, 1 amano shrimp, 1 striped raphel catfish (haven't see in weeks), and thousands of MTS
Comments Kinda keeping it low/mid tech only use half of what the lighting set up can do. I have very hard water. Not alot of maintence bi weekly trimming of cabomba and lily thats about it
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Nice lookin tank :)
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