Wojo77 Fluval 6 Gallon Edge - Your Tanks
User Wojo77
Size Fluval 6 Gallon Edge
Date Started 7/01/13
Lighting finnex 16" led bar, fluval edge stock led, diy 10 watt compact florecent
Equipment fluval edge hob filter, fluval edge compact heater
Substrate Alabama Gulf Coast Sugar White sand
Parameters temp-75f, PH-6.8, ammonia-0, nitrate-20, nitrite-0
Fertilization flourish excel, flourish seachem
Plants java fern, dwarf hairgrass, dwarf baby tears, anubus nana,
Inhabitants 9 neon tetras, 1 dwarf gouarmi, 14 red cherry shrimp
Comments This is a update to the first post. I built up a little hill under the Nana. And moved a few rocks and some of the dwarf hairgrass . and I added some shrimp! Im still really new to planted tanks so comments and feedback would be much appreciated. I will add more pics as soon as I figure out how to.
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I love your set up! Beautiful. Do you have any updated photos?
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