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User rich815
Size 72 gal
Date Started 05-2007
Lighting 3x54W T5 HO Hagen (2 x Life-Glo 6700k, 1 x Power-Glo 18,000k)
Equipment 2028 Eheim as main filter, 2026 Eheim with in-line PCV CO2 reactor. Koralia 2 circulation pump.
CO2 10lb tank pressurized. In-line PCV CO2 reactor on outlet line of one of my filters.
Substrate Flourite Red with sand, topped with Soil Master Select (charcoal-color)
Parameters 20-30ppm Nitrates, 4-5ppm phosphates
Fertilization EI regime
Plants Lots, changes all the time.
Inhabitants Too many! 3-4 Rainbows, 3-4 different kinds of tetras (cardinals, golden, rummy-nosed, red phantom), 3-4 types of cories (adolphoi, sterbai, habrosus, julii), 2 bushy-nosed pleco, 5-6 ottos, 1 farawella
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Very nice tank ! beautifull colors and good choice of fish ! Congrats my friend !!
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Just beautiful !!!
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The lighting looks phenomenal! I might have to add a 18000k to my set up.
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