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User Berk
Size 100 x 35 x 45(h)
Date Started 2007
Lighting Slyviana Grolux 32W x 3 Philips Aquarelle 32W x 1 Philips Aquarelle 18W x 2
Equipment Fluval 405 External Filter Eheim 100W Heater
CO2 DIY CO2 with two Atomizer Preparing to new CO2 tube with Ph Controller
Substrate Bottom to the top 2cm lavalit 5kg sera ploredepot(2cm) 3cm lavalit Sera florenetta-A Sera Flore Plus Tetra plant initial sticks DIY Fertilize 2cm seachem red
Parameters Ph: 6,5-6,7 CO2: ~30ppm Kh:4 Gh:14 Fe:0,50ppm PO4:0,75ppm NO3: 5ppm
Fertilization DIY Fertilizer Per week Nitrate 4ml x 2 Phosphate 15ml x 2 Potassium 15ml x 2 Iron 15ml x 2 Micro plant 5ml x 2
Plants See the picture
Inhabitants 10 rasbora 10 cardinal tetra 4 ancistirus sp. 4 amano shrimp 4 ghost shrimp 1 mussel
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this fabulous
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You have a very nice layout! Beautiful fish too. ;-)
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