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User andy1_52
Size 80 Gallons
Date Started 12-15-06
Lighting Odyssea 4x65 Watts 6,400 K 260 watts total
Equipment Rena Filstar XP3, 300 watt inline heater, 9 watt turbotwist UV Sterilizer
CO2 Flourish Excel (automated system soon!)
Substrate White Sand
Fertilization Flourish, Flourish Excel
Plants Two Amazon Sword One Argentine Sword Water Sprite Moneywort
Inhabitants Tetras - 3 Bleeding heart 3 Lemon 6 Glo-Light 6 Black Neon 7 Neon 3 Flame 2 Serpea 2 Black Phantom --------------- 2 Angel fish (mating pair) 1 Chinese algae eater
Comments Ordered CO2 system as well as dry chemicle ferts so I can get my tank rolling BIG Time!
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i will be the first to leave the comments i really like the look of the white sand i think it stands out over any other sort of substrate ....maybe a few more plants and some rocks and driftwood i think u would have a nice looking tank
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I would also add that you should have your sand be no more than 2 inches in depth to avoid creating anaerobic pockets of deadly gas which are created by the decaying plant roots. Also try a little flourite substrate (about an inch deep under the sand where you are planting) and it will provide your plants with valuable nutrients.
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