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User Z71kitty
Size 40 Gallon Breeder
Date Started ? Many moons ago.
Lighting Coralife with 4 x 29w T5 HO (only using two of the lights) six hours a day.
Equipment Aqua Tech 30-60 HOB
Substrate Black Gravel with a lot of mulm from never being cleaned.
Fertilization Flourish bi-weekly (when I remember)
Plants Sagittaria Subulata, Rotala Indica, Anubias Nana,Marimo Moss
Inhabitants One spotted leaf, one kamaka rainbow, three otos, three kribensis cichlid, five platies, one cherry barb, a bazillion little white snails
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Just got to like those natural jungle scapes
Algae Grower
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Thank you alspawn!
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