SDCAquaman 12x12 mr aqua - Your Tanks
User SDCAquaman
Size 12x12 mr aqua
Date Started 7/26
Lighting 30 watt stark flare led 6000k
Equipment Whisper filter Neo therm 50watt heater
CO2 Pierce co2 system
Substrate Mr aqua water plant soil course
Parameters Ph 6.6 Temp: 72
Fertilization Flourish comprehensive
Plants Bacopa Australis Proserpinaca palustris Blyxa japonica Dwarf baby tears Hygrophila pinnatifida
Inhabitants Guppys 3- CRS SSS 2- CBS SSS 4-super red shrimp 1- green shrimp 4-blue rilli 4- red rilli 1-cardinal shrimp 4- cherry shrimp 2- tiger snails
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