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User Dncinbarefoot
Size 29 Gallons
Date Started September 25th, 2008
Lighting Satellite Compact Fluorescent Fixture 2 65 W 6,700K/10,000K bulbs 2 Actinic 420 and 460 nanometer bulbs Lunar light
Equipment Eheim Classic 2215 Visi-Therm 150 W Heater
CO2 None at this time
Substrate Mostly Flourite and Flourite Red Some Laterite and Este's Spectrastone
Parameters Temp: 77 degrees PH: 6.8 KH: 2 degrees GH 11 degrees Nitrate: 10 ppm
Fertilization Flourish once weekly Flourish Excel EOD
Plants Moneywort, Amazon Sword, Water Sprite, Java Fern, Anubias Nana, Dwarf Baby Tears, ChainSword (I think), Rotala (I think)
Inhabitants 3 Otos A lot of Pond Snails
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Dan the Man
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Your 10k bulb will not be the most useful bulb for your growing plants and with almost 4 watt per gal, you will probably have some algea problems and some with the HC as well without co2. Since it has been a year maybe you can show me some more recent pics.
Algae Grower
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the pond snail is doing the trick for you thats the thing convert your disadvantage to advantage
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