orador223 65 Gallons - Your Tanks
User orador223
Size 65 Gallons
Date Started 03/2013
Lighting Current Satellite Plus 48"
Equipment 2 AC70 HOB filters, 2 ViaAqua 200w heaters, 10 gallon tetra air pump w/ air stone
CO2 Seachem Flourish Excel
Substrate Pool filter sand
Parameters Perfect
Fertilization Seachem flourish tabs and seachem flourish liquid fert
Plants Cryptocoryne balansae, lots of different aponogetons, marimo balls, java moss, needle leaf fern, and another crypt plant(not sure what kind)
Inhabitants 3 German Blue Rams, 2 Veil Angelfish, 5 Glow-light Tetras, 4 Blue Platies, 2 Neon Swordtails, 1 Common Pleco, 2 Red Fire Dwarf Gourami
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