Toby_kourtney 75 gallon - Your Tanks
User Toby_kourtney
Size 75 gallon
Date Started July 1,2013
Lighting 48" finnex ray 2 and aquaticlife dual T5HO
Equipment Magnum 350 & sunsun 302b filter with 150 and 400 watt heater.
CO2 GLA paintball co2 with atomic inline diffuser.
Substrate 80 lbs ecocomplete and 80 lbs cichlid sand as ph buffer.
Fertilization Modified ei
Plants Amazon swords, scarlet temple,java fern and dwarf hairgrass.
Inhabitants 6 tiger barbs,7 albino tiger barbs,9 cherry barbs,4 mystery snails,and 30 nerite snails.
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