snake_doctor 40 Gallon Breeder - Your Tanks
User snake_doctor
Size 40 Gallon Breeder
Date Started 7/30/2013
Lighting Finnex Ray 2 Dual 7k Daylight
Equipment Aqueon 40G Breeder Eheim 2217 filter Aqueon Pro 200w Single Stage Victor Regulator 5 lb CO2 tank Fluval CO2 diffuser / checker
CO2 Pressurized CO2
Substrate Eco-Complete Black
Fertilization DIY EI NPK & Plantex CSM+B
Plants Fore: Dwarf baby tears Mid: Dwarf hairgrass, Microsword Rear: Val nana, Rotala indica
Inhabitants Planning on Amano Shrimp, Neon Tetras, Otocinculus, GBRs, Dwarf Gourami
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IMG_20130730_110943_688.jpg IMG_20130803_120622_788.jpg
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Wow, what a remarkable tank! With plants grown in and fish it is sure to be an amazing aquascape. I really like the rock used, the gray goes well with the dark substrate. Layering the rock beneath the substrate to hold the slope is brilliant and gives the tank incredible depth which in turn makes this 40 gall look huge. Well done.
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