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User bonsaitree
Size 7,8
Date Started October 2012
Lighting Fluval PCL 13W 2X (Since I downgraded to lowtech, I use only one)
Equipment Eheim 2211 with glass lily pipes. Fluval 75W water heater.
CO2 Fluval 88g hooked to a glass co2 diffuser. I don't shoot co2 anymore system has broken...
Substrate ADA Amazonia II
Parameters ph:6,8 Kh:4 Temp:24Celcius
Fertilization Since begining of summer when my Co2 system failed me: Seachem excel+potatium+trace+iron once a week
Plants Eleocharis Parvula Pogostemon Helferi Rotala Marcrandra
Inhabitants 2 amano shrimps
Comments I removed my Cabomba Carolinianas from the background because I didn't like how they broke the sense of scale. If you have any ideas for nice background plants leave it in the comments please. Thank you very much
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I'm curious to know how it looks these days, since you've gone low tech.
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