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User Dannyul
Size 180L
Date Started February 2013
Lighting Twin T5 Juwel High-Lite Day and Nature.
Equipment Eheim Professional 3e 350 Filter. Hydor Koralia Drop Checker
CO2 Pressurised CO2 with JBL regulator, JBL solenoid, bubble counter and pollen glass diffuser.
Substrate JBL Manado containing ADA Multi Bottom and Iron.
Parameters Nitrate <120ppm Phosphate <2ppm Nitrite 0ppm Ammonia 0ppm pH 6.8 gH 4-6 kH 4-6
Fertilization EI Dosing
Plants Cannot remember but please see photo for a general idea.
Inhabitants 20x Neon Tetra 5x Oto's
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This is a really beautiful Tank
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