AguaTropical 40 Breeder - Your Tanks
User AguaTropical
Size 40 Breeder
Date Started 6/7/13
Lighting Build My LED custom spectrum fixture with manual dimmer
Equipment Rena XP3 Filter, Hydor inline heater, up!Aqua glass diffuser, 12in bubble wand
CO2 Pressurized CO2
Substrate Ecocomplete mixed with laterite capped with black diamond blasting grit. Clay and osmocote root tabs
Fertilization PPS-pro
Inhabitants Rummynose Tetras Panda Cories SAE Otos Assassin Snails
Profile Views 747
Wannabe Guru
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nice colors
Planted Tank Obsessed
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awesome tank.very beautiful. the contrast of colors is just stunning, i think tho that the Intake tube needs to be painted black, it kinda detracts from the beauty. but it is beautiful tank.
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