MmmToastyXD 15 Gallons - Your Tanks
User MmmToastyXD
Size 15 Gallons
Date Started June 6, 2013
Lighting GE 15W Plant and Aquarium Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb
Substrate Egg crate, soil from nearby woods, small river stones.
Plants Assorted mosses, some type of fern, random mushrooms, and some vine stuff. All collected from NE Ohio.
Inhabitants 3 American Toadlets, pill bugs, slugs and other small creatures.
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Mark F.
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The tall plant isn't a fern; it's a flowering plant - you can tell by the way the leaf stems branch from a central stem (ferns don't do that) ... that said, it's always nice to see an occasional decent terrarium in this site ... it's cool that some mushrooms came up ... would like to like to see a close-up pic of the toadlets
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