RobiDawn 65L - Your Tanks
User RobiDawn
Size 65L
Date Started God knows lol
Lighting T8
Equipment Nautilus 600 canister filter With a mixed bag lining the wool and sponge filter parts with Chemicarb and chemizee
CO2 Diy co2. 2 cups sugar fill bit over half water. 1 pack of yeast 7-14 days
Substrate Natural gravel 2-4 mm
Parameters Lighting on timer
Fertilization Liquid API/ root tabs
Plants Ambulia
Inhabitants Corys, bristlenose, Cherry Barb
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Algae Grower
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How long have you had the aluminum plant? I thought they only lived immersed. Is there a kind that lives submerged?
Algae Grower
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about a month its grow a fair bit
Algae Grower
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it sits submerged at the LFS too
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