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User jeepguy
Size 30 Gallon Breeder
Date Started May 2013
Lighting Dual T5 39W 6500
Equipment Sun sun 303b Double Sponge with Powerhead
CO2 2x2l sugar and yeast 1L wine bottle co2 Top fin Powerhead Diffuser through a Double Sponge
Substrate Flourite capped with black sand
Parameters 6.6/0/0/15
Fertilization PPS-Pro
Plants Java Fern, Xmas Tree Moss, Ammania Gracillia, Red Mangroves, Telanthra Cardinalis, Red Ludwigia, Bacopa Carolina, Rotala Indica, Ovalis Ludwigia, Staurgen Repens, Vallisneria,
Inhabitants Boesemani Rainbow x6, Neon Tetra x8, Cardinal Tetra x1, Honey Gourami, Platy, Neon Swordtail, Male Blue Ram, Juli Cories x4, Oto x3, Emerald Cories x3, RCS x10, 2 German Blue Rams, 1 EBR
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Nice looking tank but I'm about 99.9% sure that you have a Bolivian Ram and not a German blue ram. I have German blue's, Electric Blue's, Bolivian's and Gold rams. They're great fish.
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