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User The_Planted
Size 45 gal.
Date Started 4/4/2012
Lighting t5
Equipment magnum 350 filter system, internal heater, and extra power head
CO2 9g. ista co2 regulatoro system ran 12 hours a day
Substrate half caribsea black fine gravel, and half caribsear white sand
Fertilization iron and potassium dosing once a month
Plants red ricotta, amazon sword, red diamond sword large, large boivianes, aptongeon, red ludwigia, wisteria, 2 different types of microswords, baby tears, vallisneria, small platty plant, bananna plant, bacopa, water sprite, java moss, java fern, three species of cryptocrones, and a small amount of duck weed.
Inhabitants many molly and fry few swordtail and fry 1 albino red tail shark 2 neon tetras 1 siamese algea eater 1 zig zag eel 2 otocinclus cats 1 black ghost knife fish 1 bushy nose pleco 2 corydora 1 hap cichlid fry growing out
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