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User trav81
Size 35 Gallon
Date Started September 2008
Lighting 1WPG
Equipment DIY CO2 hooked up to my powerhead. Using a block of foam for a simple filter on the powerhead mainly to filter out particulates. Trying to go more natural and see if I can take care of the toxins through natural processes and not high tech filtering.
Substrate Cat litter and substrate. Spent less than $10, per the Diana Walstad method. Will see how well it works as time goes by.
Parameters PH varies: 6.8-7.4
Fertilization None. Somewhat heavy feeding of fish to give extra nutrients to the soil over time.
Plants Java moss, Crypt, Anubia, Wisteria, Riccia, Moneywort, Dwarf hairgrass, Dwarf mondograss
Inhabitants (3) White cloud mountain minnows, (2) Otos, (1) South American Puffer, (1) SAE
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i like this
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this looks like the start of a really awesome tank! I think you should add in one or two more plants to the background and move the ludwigia in the back up a little bit. Then once the hairgrass and riccia fill in a little bit, itll look really full and lush.
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