Rway 55 Gallons - Your Tanks
User Rway
Size 55 Gallons
Date Started 7/16/2013
Lighting Odyssea Quad T5HO w/Timer & LED Moonlights (2 x 54w 10k, 2 x 54w Actenic Blue, 4 Blue LED)
Equipment Penguin 350 Dual Bio Wheel Filter Tetra EX30 Whisper Filter Aqueon 150w Heater Top Fin Air Pump
CO2 API Liquid CO2
Substrate 5 x 12 lbs Flouramax Midnight Substrate 1 x 15 lbs Flourite Black Sand Substrate
Fertilization Seachem Flourish Complete
Plants Anubias, Wisteria, Rotala Indica, Dwarf Baby Tears, Crimson Colombo, Amazon Sword, Dwarf Sword, ludwigia..
Inhabitants One Australian Rainbow at the moment
Profile Views 634
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Very well contained. Lovely job. :)
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