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User rgreene76
Size 55G
Date Started 7/08
Lighting Tek 48" 4X55 T5HO 3 Life-glo-6700K 1 power-glo-1800K
Equipment C-220, Fluval 205
CO2 2 2litre DIY one w/ ladder & one airstone shoved into the prefilter of the powerhead
Substrate Laterite and red laterite Poundage forgotten: 5-7 bags 4.5"
Parameters 7.2 - PH 0-ammonia 0-nitrate 0-nitrite GH-? KH-? phosphate - unknown
Fertilization DIY CO2 Excel Flourite
Plants Dont know scientific names.... 5 types of amazon dwarf hairgrass Java fern and moss broadleaf ludwiga
Inhabitants 10 cardinal tetras, 2 yoyo loaches, 1 marble angel, 2 red tail ottos, 2 SAEs, 1 female kribensis, 3 threafin rainbows (2male, 1 female)
Comments Will post a newer picture. recently 'scaped and still undecisive. Doesn't flow or look natural.
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I think this looks very classy and when your plants get taller it will look even better.
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