Kaew 11 Gallon - Your Tanks
User Kaew
Size 11 Gallon
Date Started June 15, 2013
Lighting Klarmax H36W x 1 (ON 16:00-24:30) Multi-color Submersible LED
Equipment Modified out flow for shrimp keeping purposes. Simple filtration of fiberglass padding, activated carbon, and ceramic bio media inside hood filter.
CO2 Pressurized (ON 15:00-24:30) Drop Checker: Green
Substrate ADA Amazonia 'Normal Type', ADA Power Sand, white sand
Parameters 23-28C temperature average, pending on time of day. 15% water change every 3-4 days
Fertilization Tropica 'Aquacare' Plant Nutrition liquid and DYMAX Iron Essential...about 2ml each daily
Plants Heteranthera zosterifolia, Cladophora aegagrophila, Fissidens fontanus, Taxiphyllum sp. 'Flame', Taxiphyllum sp. 'Spikey', Anubias berteri var. nana, Anubias berteri var. nana 'Petite', Microsorum pteropus 'Windelov'
Inhabitants Neocaridina heteropoda var. cherry red, red rili, yellow, orange
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