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User tvnewsops
Size 75-gallon
Date Started November, 2005
Lighting 2 compact fluorescents
Equipment 2 Fluval 304 canister filters, one with ADA media, the other is simply filled FLUVAL bio cubes for redundancy, 2 ADA under gravel heaters, ADA lily pipe for water outflow (the intakes are hidden so I kept the Fluval stuff)
CO2 None
Substrate Seachem's Flourite, with Onyx sand base
Parameters PH: 6.8, temp: 82'F
Fertilization Seachem's Flourish program, plus I use Flourish TABS on a bi-monthly basis
Plants Cryptocorne Spiralis, Cryptocorne Wendtii, java fern
Inhabitants 4 large Discus, Amano shrimp
Comments This tank is due to be replaced with a 250-gallon shortly, which is in the planning stages. It will be entirely ADA supported.
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Cant wait to see the 250 build! I LOVE your Discus!
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