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Size 30 Gallons
Date Started 2005
Lighting AH Supply 96w fixture giving off 66 watts.
Equipment Eheim 2222 DIY CO2 reactor
CO2 Pressurized CO2
Substrate Shultz Aquatic Plant Soil
Parameters PH 6.8 KH 2-3
Fertilization Tap water has high nitrates and phosphates. Occasionally add K. Add CSM+Boron about 2ml 4X week. I get hair algae very easily if I dose alot of ferts. I keep it on low levels of ferts, but not bottoming out to zero.
Plants Dwarf hairgrass. Pygmy chain sword. Blyxa Aubertii. E. Tennelus. Pearl weed. Alternathia R. some changing stem plants
Inhabitants Cherry shrimp. 4 Amano shrimp 8 Ghost Catfish
Comments this has changed alot since Jan 2006. Plants had nowhere to grow. Trying a new grass lawn and new background. E. tennelus had nowhere else to grow. and thinned out Blyxa Aubertii.
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Pretty tank! How do you make your AHS 96 watt bulb only give off 66 watts?
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there are three wires going to the ballast, and take one wire out, and use two wires, and it gives 66W. Kim at AH Supply can tell you in more detail
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love you patch of red
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