frogmanjared 5 gallons - Your Tanks
User frogmanjared
Size 5 gallons
Date Started April, 2008
Lighting 10w 6500k spiral 11hr photoperiod w/1 hr siesta
Equipment Eclipse setup, with original filter and hood (replaced media in basket with larger filter pad)
Substrate regular pea gravel topped with flourite
Parameters never test
Fertilization Flourish 2x week, , Excel every day
Plants Cryptocoryne parva Cryptocoryne spiralis Hydrocotyle leucocephala Microsorum pteropus Spiral vallisneria (scientific name?) SŁŖwassertang
Inhabitants RCS, limpets
Profile Views 747
100_1572.JPG 100_1610.JPG
Algae Grower
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for each window that you look through it must look like a different tank.
Algae Grower
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nice and green!
Wannabe Guru
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Hey what's that ferny plant lower right of your main pic? I like it and don't recognize.
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