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User tvnewsops
Size 6 gallons
Date Started January, 2013
Lighting Aquaray GRO beam 1500 LED
Equipment Small Fluval canister filter with ADA bamboo charcoal, palm net filtering media No heater+ADA electroid timer valve to turn CO2 system off/on automatically
CO2 ADA glass diffuser pollen glass 2, combined with Fluval CO2 canisters (as Japanese style canisters aren't easily and in-expensively avail in the US)
Substrate ADA power sand special, ADA Amazonia (new VAR)
Parameters Temp I never worry about
Fertilization Once squirt a day with ADA brighty K, ADA Green Brighty Special lights, 6 drops once a week with ECA, Green Gain, and phyton git
Plants Glossostigma, hydrocotyle (nana VER), hydrocotyle, bolbitis fern, riccia (Christmas VAR)
Inhabitants 12 or so Crystal Red Shrimp, 10 or so Black Crystal Shrimp
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I originally started this tank on the side as a home for Crystal Red shrimp I bought online. The little shrimp are adorable to watch and require virtually no care, I barely feed them but twice a week. The tank has an ADA pollen glass diffuser for CO2 but because buying the CO2 cartridges is pricey I substituted FLUVAL's CO2 cartridges which I buy online every couple of months. the tank does require a lot of trimming as the Hydrocoytle NANA VER has overtaken my glosso and the bolbitis fern rapidly branches out covering my light source. The goal here was to recreate a wild forest scene.
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The light source is my first foray into LED, this is an Aquaray purchased from Greenleaf Aquariums. Since using this light I've grown to like my Kessil Amazon LED fixture better.
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I love it. What a great tank. Beautiful plants.
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Really cute tank! i like your plants.
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Welldone tvnewsops. What a lovely plants. So cute.
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