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Size 20 gallons
Date Started May, 2013
Lighting SolarmaxHE, 2-14 watt T5 bulbs, 5600K
Equipment Fluval 204 canister filter, small Tetra heater
Substrate Aqua Design Amano: powder sand special, Amazonia aqua soil, bacter 100, tourmaline blend in the base
Parameters Water temp 78'F, PH 6.8
Fertilization Seachem Flourish Tabs bi-monthly, 1-cap of Flourish IRON every so often
Plants Crypto crone wendtii, cryptocorne spiralis, small bit of microsorium (java fern stand. Var.), riccia, hairgrass
Inhabitants School of dozen or so neon tetras, small school of serpae tetras, cleaning crew consisting of about 4 Amano shrimp, and 3 ottocinclus
Comments This is a tank that is ironically about 20 years old, I first gave it about 10 years ago to my in-laws in NJ and then when on vac visiting them every so often I do the maintenance
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This is a great example of a relatively low maintenance tank. I had planted a bunch of baby tears in the front which overtook the foreground and with no pruning started browning on the bottom, so I replaced it with this new hairgrass which is few weeks time should cover the front of the tank nicely. The ADA items were all ordered on line: in San Francisco.
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