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User fastfreddie
Size 24
Date Started 9-8-08
Lighting 2-36 watt 6500K compact flourescents
Equipment Factory 3 stage filtration, Visi-therm heater
CO2 Nutrafin Natural Plant-- yeast fermentation
Substrate pea gravel
Parameters unknown- still learning! Test kit will be a near future purchase
Fertilization Flourish Excel
Plants Wisteria, java fern, and a few I'm still ID'ing. The aquarium store was no help!
Inhabitants Angel fish, (specifics unkown), 3 harlequin Rasboras, 4 Black skirted tetra, Clown Loach, unknown Cory, Head and Tail Light tetra, 2 Phantom tetra, and 1 or 2 unknowns, and though undesired, plenty of snails who come out at night.
Comments Just learning, all info shared is appreciated!
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Algae Grower
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GORGEOUS! You need to take more pictures of this, the fish go so well together.
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