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User FungusTrooper
Size 15g Tall
Date Started April 28th 2013
Lighting Hagen 12" Power-Glo
Equipment Tetra 3i Internal Filter / 10g pump + fine mist bubble wall
CO2 Homemade CO2 injector / ISTA Ceramic Diffuser
Substrate Black + white aquarium sand
Parameters PH: 7.2 / NH3: 0.125ppm / NO2: 0ppm / NO3: 0ppm
Fertilization Fertilized once a week with API leaf zone.
Plants Hornwort / Cabomba Furcata / Java Fern / Java Fern II / Moneywort / Banana Plant / Red Lily / Amazon Sword
Inhabitants 1x Red/Blue Crowntail Male Betta / 4x Corydoras Trilineatus
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