Squawkbert 46g - Your Tanks
User Squawkbert
Size 46g
Date Started 1/07
Lighting 96W PC
Equipment Eheim 2215, 250W Visitherm Stealth
CO2 2x 4L DIY soon to be converted to pressurized, drop checker (DIY)
Substrate #20 pool filter sand, gravel
Parameters 78F
Fertilization EI dosing schedule at about 50% of suggested rates
Plants C. Wendtii, Jungle Val, HM, Bolbitis, Anubias nana, Bacopa caroliniana, A. barteri v.angustifolia, Alt. reineckii v. roseafolia, HM, Stargrass, Myrio. matto.
Inhabitants P. scalare, Microgeophagus ramerizi, Bk neon, Cardinal, LF Serpae & Pristella Tetras, Corydorus aeneus, Otocinclus, Bk mollies, Pond & MT snails.
Comments pic is pre-Myrio & A. nana petite
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