Squawkbert 5g - Your Tanks
User Squawkbert
Size 5g
Date Started 9/07
Lighting 20W Coralife Colormax
Equipment Minibow kit modified to accept light & reflector. Drop checker (DIY), 25W Visitherm Stealth.
CO2 1.5L Yeast reactor
Substrate Pool filter sand, gravel
Parameters ~78F
Fertilization EI dosing schedule, about 40% recommended levels
Plants C. wendtii, bronze variety, HM - there may still be some Jungle val & Java moss in there.
Inhabitants 3 pork chops, several blue shrimp (Neocaradina species), one Amano shrimp (Caradina japonica siamensis - I think), pond snails.
Comments pic is older - shows why I felt the need to remove Bacopa & Jungle val.
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